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Building Bonanza

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

             This has been a wonderful week for your contracting company.  You were awarded 4 contracts to build four buildings in your town.  One of the many things you have to figure out is how much concrete each building will need.  The total cost of concrete is $57,500.  Building A will use 50% of the concrete.  Building B will use 5 times Building Cs amount and 3 times Building Ds amount.  How much will it cost to supply concrete for each building?





 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

Steve is connecting up a series of wheels and belts to a motor.  The motor spins wheel number 1 at 100 revolutions per second.  The first wheel is connected by a belt to wheel number two. The rim of wheel number 2 is 4 times the diameter of wheel number 1.  The second wheel is connected by a belt to wheel number 3. The diameter of wheel number 3 is 2 times the diameter of wheel number 1.  What are the revolutions per minute for wheel number 3 if wheel number 1 is spinning at 100 rev per second?




Carry that Weight

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

            Rachael the roofer is carrying shingles over her shoulder and a bucket of nails as she is climbing up the ladder to the roof.  The total weight she is carrying is 75 lbs.  The shingles weigh 4 times as much as the nails.  How much do the nails and the shingles weigh?




Manic Manicure

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

             Glendas first week at Curlys Corner Coiffeurs was a great one.  She did 40 manicures!  This is not bad for just starting out.  Glenda was able to increase her number of manicures each day by 2.  What was the total number of manicures she did each day of her first week from Monday through Friday?




Chill Pills

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

             As a home care visiting registered nurse you are helping your patient Mike to determine how many days of medication he will get out of the bottle of pills prescribed by his doctor.  The bottle contains 240 pills.  Each dose is one and a half pills.  He needs to take this medication two times a day.  How many 1 1/2 doses are in the bottle and how many days of medication does your patient have?




All Mixed Up

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

            Becky our tried and true lab-rat assistant came to the rescue once again.  During the morning Bio-Tech class the solution of Hydrogen Peroxide was tipped over and half of the solution spilled out.  The student not wanting to get into trouble filled the container with water making the solution a watered down Hydrogen Peroxide.  The next class complained that the Hydrogen Peroxide solution was 50% of what it should be.  Becky quickly took 1/3 of the solution out and added twice the strength of the original Hydrogen Peroxide solution.  Did her idea work?





Wheres the Fire!

 © 2009 Gary Scarpello

            A two-alarm fire alert was sent to two local fire companies to assist in a major forest fire that was raging in the far western region of the state. These two companies are right next door to each other.   The first company to respond was the South Springfield Fire Company.  They headed to the call at an acceptable speed.  The second company from East Rockland, took an hour and a half before it sent a truck.  To make up for lost time the second truck traveled at 1 1/2 times the speed of the South Springfield truck.  How long will it take for the East Rockland fire truck to catch up with the South Springfield truck?