Math Wizards at Work





Hay Now!



           Ben & Jeremy were working on their farm one afternoon, baling hay.  It was a bright hot day with few clouds and plenty of blue sky.  When they finish making a bale of hay they put it on a wagon.  When the wagon is loaded, they roll the wagon into the barn and stack the hay in the back of the barn.


          Baling hay is backbreaking work.  Each bale weighs 50 lbs.  There is room in the barn for 12 wagonloads of hay.  They started putting hay in the barn yesterday.  They hope to finish today so that by sundown, the barn will have 12 wagons worth of hay stored in it.  If a wagon can hold 5,000 lbs of hay, and there are already 300 bales in the barn, how many bales need to be made and placed in the barn today?  How many wagonloads are still needed to fill the barn? 






Good Luck!!!!!