Math Wizards at Work








            In your metal fabrication shop you and your helper are given an order for 12 AV-Carts that need to be completed by the end of your 8-hour shift, which includes a one-hour work-free lunch break.  Each cart must first have the frame built and then 4 shelves welded onto the frame.  If it takes 45 minutes to weld the frame and 8 minutes to weld each of the four shelves to the frame, how many complete carts can be made in 8 hours?  Will you be able to fill the order at the end of the 8-hour shift?


Note: The first cart frame must be built before the shelves can be welded to the frame.  The second frame can be built while the shelves of the first cart are attached.  Don't forget that there is a one-hour break for lunch where all work stops.




Good Luck!!!!!