Math Wizards at Work






Car Repairs




            You are the repair shop manager arriving to work first thing in the morning.  You notice that a window was left open over night and all of the work orders have been scattered around the shop floor.  You frantically try to figure out who the owners of the cars are and the repairs needed for each car.


Good Luck!!!!!


1.              Mr. Myles needs to get in gear.

2.              Mrs. Span drives the smallest car.

3.              Ms. Diesel likes plenty of fresh air.

4.              Tire rotation and inspections were done to cars owned by women.

5.              The smallest car needs an inspection and is not driven by Mrs. Rhodes.

6.              The sports car needs to have the tires rotated.

7.              Mr. Furlong loves the great outdoors and needs an oil change.

8.              The station wagon doesnÕt need body work.

9.              The luxury car needs transmission work.

10.          A woman drives a sports car.

11.          Mr. Park always takes his large family with him where ever he goes.